May 082015
Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone Wins Wellingborough Again

7th May, 2015.

Election Result

Peter Bone (Conservative) 26 265, 52.1% [+3.8%]

Jonathan Eric Lewis Munday (UKIP) 9 868 19.6% [+16.4%]

Richard Francis Garvie (Labour) 9 839 19.5% [-5.9%]

Chris Nelson (Liberal Democrat) 2 240 4.4% [-12.7]

Eileen Turner-Hawes (Green Party) 2 218 4.4% [+3.5]

Turnout was 65.4% and the swing to the Conservatives was +3.8%.

Apr 232015
Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone MP


23rd April, 2015.



A blog site has published a completely false email purporting to come from me on the 8th April 2015, to Mr Stuart Rees at NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group (Nene CCG).

This email is completely bogus and fabricated. No such email was written by me. As I understand it, it has been impossible for me to send any emails from my parliamentary account since the 30th March when Parliament was dissolved. As such, I could never have sent any such email in the first place.

The contents of the email are totally untrue and do not represent my views. This is an attempt to smear me, and the Conservative Party, during the General Election campaign.

I have campaigned long and hard for a Minor Accident & Emergency Unit at the Isebrook Hospital. In fact, recently, the Conservative Health Minister approved a £35million plan for an expansion to the A&E at Kettering and a Minor Accident & Emergency Unit at the Isebrook site.


Dec 192014
Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone MP


19th December, 2014.



Labour have claimed that the A45 dualling between Stanwick and the A14 at Thrapston has been shelved and no work will be done for at least a decade.

Tom Pursglove, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Corby & East Northamptonshire and Peter Bone MP, Member of Parliament for Wellingborough, categorically refute this scare story.

Thirteen years of the last Labour Government, saw no investment in infrastructure in East Northamptonshire. The first five years of this Conservative-led government, has seen the approval of the Rushden Lakes Development at Skew Bridge, the roundabout improvements at Chowns Mill and the dualling of the A45.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer provided up to £25million in the Autumn Statement, towards vital improvements to the Chowns Mill Roundabout and the dualling of the A45.

As the A45 runs through the Stanwick Lakes Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a study has to be carried out before any work can commence. This study is going to lead the way for further such improvements elsewhere in the country. The Government is absolutely committed to this project – a point stressed this week by the Roads Minister, the Rt. Hon John Hayes MP, when he said:

“There is a firm commitment by the government to find a solution for the A45 from Stanwick to the A14. This is set out clearly in the Road Investment Strategy published earlier this month and any suggestion that these plans are on hold is categorically wrong. This road has suffered from under-investment for far too long. But it is an environmentally sensitive site which is why it is so important we get it right.”

Tom Pursglove says:

“It is a real shame that Labour have chosen to talk down this very welcome investment in our area – indeed, when they were in power, improvements to the A45 and Chowns Mill were not even a priority, nor did they make the money available. Conservatives both locally and nationally, are making this project happen and I am very grateful to all those local people who have supported the Listening Campaign on this.”

Peter Bone MP went on to say:

“The Chowns Mill Roundabout improvements are scheduled to commence soon and it is great that this will then be followed by the completion of the dualling of the A45, which will make the lives of my constituents who have to drive along the A45, much better. I want to thank all those involved in the Listening Campaign on this issue – the Government has listened and is delivering.”


Notes to Editors:
1. Immediate release.
2. For more information please contact Thomas Pursglove MP.
3. 19th December 2014.

Oct 032014
Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone MP


3rd October, 2014.



Since 2008, Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) and Mrs Bone have been in disagreement over who pays her mother’s care home fees – a story which has appeared in several local and national newspapers.

The allegations in many of these articles have been inaccurate. NCC and Mrs Bone ae issuing this statement to end speculation over the matter.

Today 29th September 2014, both parties have reached a settlement, Mrs Bone did not admit any liability or wrongdoing in the case brought against her.

The terms of this agreement are confidential and will not be disclosed by either party, save as in this statement. In addition, Mr Peter Bone MP, who never was a party in this dispute, and has never been involved in any litigation with NCC, has agreed not to pursue his Personal Access Request with NCC.

Neither party will make any further comments or statements on the details of this settlement.


Oct 032014
Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone MP


3rd October, 2014.

A big ‘thank you’ to all those people who have written, telephoned, or called, to offer their support to Jennie and I, over the very difficult last twelve months.

I thought it was time to bring you up-to-date on the issues that some of you had contacted us about.

Jennie recently had her fifth session of chemotherapy. This is a protective measure to stop her breast cancer reoccurring. Jennie has managed the cancer treatment valiantly and though often feeling sick and tired, she has carried on as usual. The only difference is she has developed a skin-head hair style!

There is still one more bout of chemotherapy to go through in three weeks’ time, this will then be followed by radiotherapy and herceptin. All this treatment is being carried out at Kettering General and Northampton General, on the NHS. Jennie wanted it to be known that she has received first-class care.

We are hoping shortly to move into a new home in Wellingborough, closer to my parliamentary office. Tom has just started senior school at Wellingborough School.

I am also pleased to say that Jennie and Northamptonshire County Council have recently settled their long-running dispute over care home costs. Please find attached a press release on the matter.

Whilst I am not allowed to comment on the details of the settlement, I am delighted that agreement has been reached – especially as this will release the huge pressure on Jennie.

However, now that the matter is settled, I intend to campaign in Parliament for reform of the social care system. The current system is manifestly unfair and complicated. It can be a nightmare for families in need of care for an elderly loved one.

You may have also seen that an audit of my parliamentary expenses has found them to be in order. This follows an anonymous and vexatious complaint. The original allegation was bogus and without foundation.

I also wrote to you in March after the Crown Prosecution Service threw out allegations of wrongdoing by Jennie and me. As a result of this, Northamptonshire Police referred themselves to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) over their conduct in this matter. The IPCC have taken up a number of specific complaints and are investigating Northamptonshire Police.

Jennie and I would like to thank everyone for their support, encouragement and friendship, over the last year and we will never forget your kindness.

With very best wishes,


Jun 122014
Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone MP


12th June, 2014.


Today, after a long fought campaign, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has approved the Skew Bridge/Rushden Lakes development. This development will bring 2,000 new permanent jobs, major retail outlets including Marks & Spencer and exciting leisure facilities.

This is extremely good news and like many local people, I am very excited about the benefits that this development will bring to our area. It is also testament to the efforts of many local people, including ‘Yes To Rushden Lakes’, who have campaigned so hard to help make this development happen, and in particular, I would like to thank all those who supported the Conservative Listening Campaign on this issue. Particular thanks to Tom Pursglove, who headed-up the Joint Listening Campaign and did so much work to help achieve this success in the neighbouring Corby & East Northamptonshire constituency.

After thirteen years of a Labour Government that delivered very little for East Northamptonshire, Conservative controlled East Northamptonshire Council and this Government have made this project happen. This is local evidence that the Prime Minister’s Long Term Economic Plan is working.

Given this great news, it is now even more pressing that the A45 is dualled between Stanwick and Thrapston and that the Chowns Mill Roundabout is finally sorted out. I launched a major listening campaign back at the end of 2013 to try and demonstrate local feeling on this issue to Ministers and ‘thank you’ to all those who have already signed up. However, if you haven’t as yet, perhaps you could drop me a line to – the more people who sign up, the stronger our case!

Once again, thank you for all of your efforts in helping to secure this much-needed Skew Bridge success – listened, campaigned, delivered!

With best wishes, Peter.


Mar 252014
Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone MP


25th March, 2014.

First, Jennie and I have been humbled by the huge number of phone calls, texts, emails and cards we have received supporting us. We are so very appreciative to everyone who has contacted us. It is amazing that we have had so many members of the public who have taken the time to get in touch, or cross the road to shake my hand; they have not always been of our political persuasion, but they have all expressed their warmest appreciation of what Jennie and I do for the constituency. It has also been interesting to hear of so many people who find themselves in a similar position to us.

What has been so frustrating about this whole episode is that it has been going on for over a year, without an opportunity for us to clear our names. Recently, we have suffered trial by media. One newspaper in particular has printed information that is incorrect and made allegations that are totally untrue. It seems that certain newspapers feel able to print information that is without foundation, despite being told in advance that that information is factually incorrect.

Jennie and I have just heard that we are not going to be charged with any criminal offence. This is obviously very good news and a vindication of our stance all along. As we have done nothing wrong and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) only considered the evidence, not newspaper innuendo, we have been proven innocent.

Please see below a link to the story on the CPS’s website:

We would also like to take this opportunity to place on record our thanks to the First Law Partnership and in particular Andy Hopkinson and Derek Johashen – their help and support has been invaluable.

Please rest assured that I will continue to represent the people of Wellingborough and Rushden in Parliament, to the very best of my ability. Locally, I will be continuing my campaign for Rushden Lakes, for the reopening of Wellingborough Prison and the new urgent care centre at the Isebrook Hospital. Nationally, I will be holding the Government to account and making sure my constituents’ interests are represented through the Listening Campaign. I will continue to campaign for lower immigration, an In/Out EU Referendum and the Government’s long term economic plan.

We are naturally delighted that this nightmare has now come to an end.


Mar 242014

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